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    member1 Janet Howitt


    I have always felt a strong connection with our natural environment. After school I had a varied working life,


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      member2 Tom Scott


    I was one of the lucky ones that was born into a caring and loving family and respect and appreciation for the world around me.


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    member3 Conchita Triay


    Has had a strong interest in a range of social and political issues since she was a teenager..


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      member4 Pat Scott


    After training as a teacher in Mary Ward College in Nottingham I taught in local schools from 1976.


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    member5 Henry Pinna


    Born in Gibraltar 1945. 1960 joined the YCW (Young Christian Workers), a lay movement with a strong social orientation.


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      member2 Moses Profile


    From a very young age I have been interested in the Environment and therefore studied the sciences


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