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    Update on Traffic


    Is that everything is just as dreadful as it has been and getting worse- no doubt with the opening of Dudley Ward tunnel (!) and new airport road in action, we shall see vast improvements to the state of our roads- the emphasis however always in providing ever more facilities for more and more motorised transport. Very little indication from this Govt of any intention or vision to give us safe, calm streets and fresh air with clean running public transport systems and moves to actively reduce traffic levels. Vested interest and the vote-losing element of any bold plan actively reducing motorised transport is obviously driving govt agenda in this regard. And all we do is complain!! The ESG is considering holding a poll shortly to gauge the real public feeling on this issue as without public support, very little will change.
    • Please refer to the ESG website for a comprehensive response to the latest Govt plan on Transport during last quarter of 2009.
    • Also look at the ITWMC (In Town without My Car) website for further information on alternatives to Gibraltar’s traffic problems.


    Clear concerns here over the air quality around Gibraltar from traffic fumes, especially in hot summer months and in specific areas called “hotspots”- encouragement of alternative and healthy forms of transport must be driven by Govt using all the tools at its disposal such as taxes and bonuses, import duties and education highlighting the harmful effects of the poisonous emissions from motorised vehicles. We are all aware of the noise pollution from our traffic and this, if reduced, would bring immediate benefit to our quality of life.


    TRAFFIC 2007:


    ! Transport and Traffic emissions – Traffic is clearly a crisis at the moment. Focus should be on reducing vehicular traffic and associated fumes by encouraging healthier forms of transport/mobility-needs a sustained Government campaign, promotion, disincentives, and alternatives
    – For all political parties to give due regard to a detailed document prepared by the ESG, GONHS and FoE/Gib under the “In Town Without My Car” campaign with recommendations and potential solutions submitted to the Minister for the Environment in 2007 and available on the ESG website: www.esg-gib.net –