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    Many are aware of our sustained campaign via official complaints lodged at the European Commission mainly targeted at seeing that the prime polluter in the Bay, the CEPSA OIL REFINERY, is forced to apply highest operational stds, the precautionary principle and best practice which it has systematically failed to do over the years that has seen a massive expansion at the petrochemical complex.


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    In 2009 the ESG was able to obtain a copy of an audit carried out on the CEPSA Oil Refinery which had been commissioned by La Junta in 2007 after a spate of particularly bad polluting episodes. ESG legal advisers, Hassan’s International Law Firm, got hold of a copy which was then carefully analysed by ESG local and international technical advisers. A report was then compiled and translated and has since been widely distributed, as well as been posted on our website. The audit let the refinery off lightly BUT also provided a lot of useful information in its “recommendations” section, on how it could do “even better”!! We shall hold them to implement these changes rapidly and continue monitoring the situation.