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  • Tom Scott

    “I was one of the lucky ones that was born into a caring and loving family and respect and appreciation for the world around me was part of my everyday education. Engineering was in my blood through my maternal roots and there was never going to be any other direction to my professional life, and so after qualifying in Kingston Polytechnic, I came back to work in Gibraltar to run the family yacht repair business. I joined the Bassadone Group in 1998, starting a new company within this Group and giving vent to my creative skills. I am now professionally retired.


    My earliest active involvement in pro-active environmental protection dates back to 1999 with the Tireless incident. This saga brought together many different emotions and activated a different level of human rights from my perspective. The group of ‘Concerned Citizens’ that evolved from this situation later formed into the NGO that is the ‘Environmental Safety Group’”


    ESG Comment: Tom’s technical expertise and eye for detail has enabled the group’s work to be consistently carried out to the highest standard. His strengths, in networking and promoting good relations with the public at large have also proved a huge asset to our campaigns.