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  • ESG Concerned re LNG Quayside Bunkering 25.10.23

    The ESG has learnt of a quayside LNG bunkering transaction that recently took place in Gibraltar from an announcement on Facebook by the previous Minister of the Port. Subsequent enquiries with the Ministry for the Environment confirm that a cruise ship, the Silver Nova, did receive LNG bunker from a barge, at quayside, on her inaugural call to Gibraltar.

    The ESG has publicly voiced its strong concerns in the past over the potential for growth of LNG activity at port side from the LNG Storage facility and sought information from the authorities on this announcement.

    The group was provided with safety assessment reports commissioned by the Port produced some years ago for such transactions and licensing, as well as a separate detailed report for this specific vessel and date. It appears that a barge supplied the fuel but this needs further clarification.

    While it’s clear that safety assessments were carried out this new step has not been processed before DPC, or, to our knowledge, had cross-departmental oversight. Industrial activities do not operate in a bubble and require all impacts concerning public health and the environment to be closely studied with the public informed.

    The ESG understands that LNG reduces pollution and believes it has a role to play on the path towards fully renewable and sustainable shipping fuels.

    The group strongly urges Government to review this new activity and ensure that full provision of information for intended LNG transactions of this nature go through public process and due protocols before any further transactions are carried out.