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  • Gibraltar and Climate Change

    Gibraltar’s physical footprint and energy requirements have grown exponentially over the last decade. This makes us a very poor player in terms of climate change and playing our part in this all important global fight.
    Even considering Gibraltar’s economic and political needs, the ESG has always believed that unless the environmental factor is built into the heart of all decision making on the Rock it shall not only exacerbate the global picture but also bring the local community serious problem sin the future.


    Gibraltar’s vulnerability and reliance on external commodities, (see section on Peak Oil/Fuel economies and Food under Key issues), means that we are exposed to the availability and affordability of these commodities, as they fluctuate on the global market.


    Lord Stern, now famous for his comprehensive report, highlighted how the entire world and all the societies within it (however big or small) need to get to grips with making significant reductions in our carbon footprints in order to reduce the worst of what is thought will come from climate change caused by human activity.


    Whatever your views may be on the email scandal by scientists on the IPPC board, the fact is that with world population growth, use of resources and rapid paving over green areas and habitats make it clear we could be rushing headlong into extinction.


    We all have a part to play and must pursue measures as a priority. The Government of Gibraltar has a huge role to play here and the community needs to get better informed and elect people into Government with active policies to prioritise the environment.