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  • ESG Concerned re lack of Climate Change Discussion during elections 26.09.23

    “The ESG is quite disappointed with the lack of discussion on Climate Change, the environment and pollution during recent election debates;  issues which greatly affect our quality of life and will increasingly impact future generations.

    In an appeal to the media and political parties the ESG calls for these critical issues to be included in the debates so we can understand the commitment held by candidates and parties on these issues. 

    As has been said often times in the past couple of elections: the environment is no longer the  remit of ‘NGOs or the hippie fraternity’,  but key and difficult issues that need to be central to all decision making by Government. 

    Barely a word has been said acknowledging the importance the environment, our nest and home, carries for our health, safety and stability. We hope to hear full debates on these issues and also look forward to interactive public sessions where the community can raise these crucial topics with candidates.”