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    Sponsored walk form June 2007 CEPSA Audit analysis in Spanish
    Sites for recycling bins Sites for Bicycle racks
    Greenpeace: El informe del CSN confirma la existencia de fugas de cesio-137 del CRI-9 denunciada por Greenpeace y de los elevados niveles de radiactividad detectados en sus análisis SITUACIÓN DEL CENTRO DE RECUPERACIÓN DE INERTES (CRI-9) DE LAS MARISMAS DE MENDAÑA. PROPUESTA DE ACTUACIÓN
    Letter from the CSN The geography of the highest mortality areas in Spain: a striking cluster in the southwestern region of the country J Benach, Y Yasui, J M Martínez, C Borrell, M I Pasarín, A Daponte
    In town without my car : first report Benzene Directive in English
    ESG Greening agenda for 2007 Election Submission on Development plan
    Final report by Denny Larson Greenpeace report on Spain
    CEPSA Audit CEPSA Audit analysis
    ESG visit to Brussels 2005 Estudio Bahia Algeciras
    Health Bulletin CSIC Full Report
    Environmental Charter Summary for Website ESG Feedback to Goverment Transport and Traffic Plan
    Spanish Flaring Leaflet CEPSA Factsheet Final Version 2007
    CUTW 2010 Campaign ESG 2011 Wish List