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  • ESG Power Station Pollution May 2012

    Heat increases pollution at Power Stations

    photo Ecologistas en Accion

    ESG is most concerned about the lack of a definitive announcement from Government on how it intends to proceed with the now stalled replacement power station.

    The recent, visible and increased pollution from all power stations indicates that this problem is going to make itself felt for some time to come. The ESG has, for the past decade, pressed the previous administration under the GSD party to take urgent action on this issue believing it to be as much a public health and quality of life issue as it is about providing a secure electricity supply.

    It is notable that the Chief Minister has frequently stated that the energy issue is a top most priority for his cabinet – we sincerely hope that a decision on the way forward will be made public without further delay.

    Rising temperatures are always followed by increased and severe pollution from the stations on a daily basis. Fumes from these stations exacerbate various health conditions, all too real for those affected and a decision followed by necessary action cannot come a day too soon.

    >Heat increases pollution at Power Stations

    ESG PR welcomes Litter Committee May 2012

    16th May 2012

    ESG, CUTW and the Litter Committee

    Last week saw the revival of a Litter Committee for Gibraltar as announced by the Ministry for the Environment. A similar committee existed back in the early 1990’s.

    Since 2005 and our involvement in the CUTW Campaign, the ESG has called for a resumption of this committee. The group strongly believes in the need for collaboration and coordination between all relevant agencies to effectively manage Gibraltar’s busy, physical environment and all the waste and littering issues that arise from our community. Coordination is essential to ensure clear areas of responsibility, monitoring and response, and we believe that accountability can then be better measured also. A round table, Litter Committee set up where such issues can be jointly discussed is therefore critical.

    Enforcement of litter and fly tipping fines is a clear goal of ours which we think is way overdue and badly needed. We shall continue to place our concerns before the Committee and the Ministry which is the best place for progress on these issues and others to be achieved. We welcome the Minister’s decision for taking this forward.

    More on CUTW 2012 goals:

    • Litter Committee
    • Eco Park and 24/7 facility
    • Litter Wardens and enforcement and fines -ie prevention
    • Enclosure at the city dump
    • Increased Recycling qties and streams
    • Assess gaps in maintaining Gibraltar’s environment as its clear that there is still work to be done here
    • Use of signage and a sustained campaign also required

    The ESG recognises the hard work done by the many agencies to try and keep Gibraltar clean and believes that with enforcement and fines, their work can become easier as civic pride increases and less littering and dumping takes place.

    ESG re balancing the debate

    The ESG understands that bullfighting has been a huge part of Spanish culture but knows that today it has become a contentious issue, even in Spain.

    The group spoke out because we act to protect and promote the living environment which therefore includes standing against unnecessary cruelty to animals in any form.
    The ESG has no political axe to grind with respect to the bullfighting issue. Rather, we wish to enhance freedom of speech by having issues debated in a balanced way – so for the Institute to hold several talks as was planned only promoting the positive sides of this blood sport was not acceptable.

    The group met with the Institutes’ Director yesterday and had a constructive discussion. We were also very glad to hear the Director apologise in a GBC interview for offending people’s sensibilities on this issue and for stating that the Institute itself does not endorse bullfighting in any way.

    The Director has further offered to set up alternative talks to focus on the antibullfighting position.

    At this stage we do not think we can ask for more to be done and thank the Director for understanding local sensitivities.

    PORT FUMES 24hr number to call

    ESG is receiving a growing number of complaints from residents near port area and we are directing them to the official complaint route which is:

    Bunkering Superintendent, John Ghio 56001652

    ESG invites the public to also notify us when making your call to the port official, call 54960000.

    Dead Fish Mystery 040512

    ESG Press Release 2
    4th May 2012

    Dead Fish Story

    The ESG is concerned to note the “phenomena” of numerous dead fish appearing on the same day (2nd May 2012) at two separate locations in the Bay.

    One sighting was at Camp Bay in Gibraltar, the other a few kilometres away in the Rio de Palmones area in Spain. The ESG believes this is too much of a coincidence and calls on the Gibraltar Government to look into the matter further. In Spain concerned witnesses had been enjoying the abundant marine life in the same strip of river which, only one day later, on the 2nd May, held the distressing sight of numerous dead fish.

    This raises chemical pollution as a potential cause as well as those others offered by marine expert Dr Eric Shaw of discarded commercial catch or sudden swell up.

    The Spanish Environmental Ministry is investigating potential causes and the ESG urges GoG to similarly follow up the matter. If any chemical spill is verified, this could affect our water intake systems as well as marine life but whatever the cause we hope that samples can be tested in a laboratory to confirm either way.

    No to Bullfighting Talks 040512

    ESG Press Release
    4th May 2012

    No to Bullfighting Talks

    The ESG wishes to add its voice to those opposing the talks on Bullfighting to be held soon at the Instituto de Cervantes. This sport, while heavily immersed in Spanish culture, should nevertheless have been banned as bloody, cruel and outdated. It is the view of the group that the Gibraltar Government should intervene and stop such talks from going ahead in the name of culture. This bloody sport continues to be practised widely in Spain today, in spite of growing national opposition to it. The ESG strongly believes that as a responsible member of the European Union, Gibraltar should prevent any soft promotion of this barbaric sport which could in any way encourage this activity further.

    ESG Radio Newsletter 03/05/12

    ESG Radio Newsletter Thursday 3rd May 2012

    Today’s radio Newsletter is busy with lots of different items of environmental news so hope you find something that will interest you.

    • the ESG is now launching its CUTW 2012 Campaign and is asking volunteers to register directly with us. You can do this via email, at esg@gibtelecom.net, or by calling 200-48996 and mobile 54960000. Since we began our Clean Ups in 2005, much has been achieved, and a lot of awareness raised. The Campaign remains vital as a focal point in the year when new projects can get a big push with help from our volunteers, and these then continue on through the year we hope with a greater chance of success. Education is central in encouraging respectful behaviour towards our environment and so once again we aim to work closely with all our schools. The date for 2012 CUTW is Saturday 22nd September. Plse contact us with any questions and we can provide you with more information.

    • For those of you who enjoy your fruit and vegetable the next item should interest you. An environmentalist and good friend of the ESG, Simon Cooper, has together with a colleague, embarked on a farming project with a difference these past two years. The result is a steady crop of organic fruit and veg which they now deliver on a weekly basis to customers in Gibraltar. The reason this is so exciting is that Local Organic, as the Farm is called, produces entirely organic produce at an equitable price to local supermarkets for non-organic fruit and veg. The range of produce is extensive and the guys running this project are extremely helpful. If you are interested and want more details plse contact Simon and James at Local Organic on their email: local.organic.gib@gmail.com. You can also find them on Facebook. Sustainable farming at long last!

    • Moving on we need to mention the great effort made by volunteers at the Northern Defences last weekend. This area is also known to many as the Jungle. Three hours of backbreaking work ensured that several hotspot sites within this great, unused resource of ours, were left pristine. However, without steps taken to avoid the usual and gradual degradation that follows a cleanup of this type, the area will soon revert to the filth that confronted volunteers on Saturday. There are also harder to get at areas within the “Jungle” also being accessed by some and left predictably trashed. This must be tackled by the authorities. The ESG shall be taking the matter up with Government.

    • The ESG notes that sewage contamination of the eastern and western coastline of La Linea is being reported almost on a daily basis in the Spanish press. With our own data showing high levels of sewage at Western Beach, this does not bode well at all. We are following up with Brussels and trying to raise the pressure there too. We shall also press Govt to erect a fence at Western Beach to make the official closure more visible to the public. Yet another of our resources out of reach for the community

    • The ESG helps many in our community by providing information and advice on local environmental issues or problems. As an NGO and registered charity, we also need support from the public so plse, join up and help us continue to do our important work. Go to esg-gib.net for a membership form today!

    Thanks for listening!

    CUTW – NORTHERN DEFENCES – Shocking State

    Volunteers with only half the rubbish collected!!


    During the long weekend the ESG and Heritage Trust co-ordinated a clean up in a very special corner of Gibraltar: The Northern Defences. With members of Wake up Gibraltar (a Facebook Group) supporting the effort, volunteers filled over 70 large sacks of rubbish in a matter of a few hours!

    Volunteers were shocked by the volume of litter in certain areas but, undeterred, forged ahead leaving much of these cleared and looking green and beautiful.

    When one considers this area was tackled by a large group from the MoD and Gibraltar Regiment in September’s 2011 major CUTW Campaign, it is disgraceful that so much waste has accumulated in such a short period of time. It highlights the need for those responsible to develop an action and management plan for this incredible recreational and touristic resource.

    “This area needs investment, management and policing, and until such measures are in place, will continue to become degraded and misused by a thoughtless few”, observed one of the volunteers.

    All volunteers believe this site is bursting with huge potential for both residents and tourists alike. They hope that Government will include the Northern Defences in the ongoing major review of Gibraltar’s tourist attractions.

    Organisers would like to thank all volunteers who gave of their free time and to Fill -a-Skip for providing transport on the day to remove the rubbish collected. Thanks also to Master Services for helping clear heavier items left at site.



    The ESG would also like to announce that the Global CUTW Campaign has now been launched. Although the date has been set for the weekend of the 14th September the ESG has decided to delay this by one week in order to make it easier for our teams to participate in Gibraltar.

    CUTW 2012 Gibraltar weekend date is: 21st to 23rd September.

    Volunteers are to register by emailing: esg@gibtelecom.net, call 200-48996 or 54960000