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    ESG Press Release 2
    4th May 2012

    Dead Fish Story

    The ESG is concerned to note the “phenomena” of numerous dead fish appearing on the same day (2nd May 2012) at two separate locations in the Bay.

    One sighting was at Camp Bay in Gibraltar, the other a few kilometres away in the Rio de Palmones area in Spain. The ESG believes this is too much of a coincidence and calls on the Gibraltar Government to look into the matter further. In Spain concerned witnesses had been enjoying the abundant marine life in the same strip of river which, only one day later, on the 2nd May, held the distressing sight of numerous dead fish.

    This raises chemical pollution as a potential cause as well as those others offered by marine expert Dr Eric Shaw of discarded commercial catch or sudden swell up.

    The Spanish Environmental Ministry is investigating potential causes and the ESG urges GoG to similarly follow up the matter. If any chemical spill is verified, this could affect our water intake systems as well as marine life but whatever the cause we hope that samples can be tested in a laboratory to confirm either way.