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  • ESG re balancing the debate

    The ESG understands that bullfighting has been a huge part of Spanish culture but knows that today it has become a contentious issue, even in Spain.

    The group spoke out because we act to protect and promote the living environment which therefore includes standing against unnecessary cruelty to animals in any form.
    The ESG has no political axe to grind with respect to the bullfighting issue. Rather, we wish to enhance freedom of speech by having issues debated in a balanced way – so for the Institute to hold several talks as was planned only promoting the positive sides of this blood sport was not acceptable.

    The group met with the Institutes’ Director yesterday and had a constructive discussion. We were also very glad to hear the Director apologise in a GBC interview for offending people’s sensibilities on this issue and for stating that the Institute itself does not endorse bullfighting in any way.

    The Director has further offered to set up alternative talks to focus on the antibullfighting position.

    At this stage we do not think we can ask for more to be done and thank the Director for understanding local sensitivities.