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  • ESG Power Station Pollution May 2012

    Heat increases pollution at Power Stations

    photo Ecologistas en Accion

    ESG is most concerned about the lack of a definitive announcement from Government on how it intends to proceed with the now stalled replacement power station.

    The recent, visible and increased pollution from all power stations indicates that this problem is going to make itself felt for some time to come. The ESG has, for the past decade, pressed the previous administration under the GSD party to take urgent action on this issue believing it to be as much a public health and quality of life issue as it is about providing a secure electricity supply.

    It is notable that the Chief Minister has frequently stated that the energy issue is a top most priority for his cabinet – we sincerely hope that a decision on the way forward will be made public without further delay.

    Rising temperatures are always followed by increased and severe pollution from the stations on a daily basis. Fumes from these stations exacerbate various health conditions, all too real for those affected and a decision followed by necessary action cannot come a day too soon.