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  • CUTW – NORTHERN DEFENCES – Shocking State

    Volunteers with only half the rubbish collected!!


    During the long weekend the ESG and Heritage Trust co-ordinated a clean up in a very special corner of Gibraltar: The Northern Defences. With members of Wake up Gibraltar (a Facebook Group) supporting the effort, volunteers filled over 70 large sacks of rubbish in a matter of a few hours!

    Volunteers were shocked by the volume of litter in certain areas but, undeterred, forged ahead leaving much of these cleared and looking green and beautiful.

    When one considers this area was tackled by a large group from the MoD and Gibraltar Regiment in September’s 2011 major CUTW Campaign, it is disgraceful that so much waste has accumulated in such a short period of time. It highlights the need for those responsible to develop an action and management plan for this incredible recreational and touristic resource.

    “This area needs investment, management and policing, and until such measures are in place, will continue to become degraded and misused by a thoughtless few”, observed one of the volunteers.

    All volunteers believe this site is bursting with huge potential for both residents and tourists alike. They hope that Government will include the Northern Defences in the ongoing major review of Gibraltar’s tourist attractions.

    Organisers would like to thank all volunteers who gave of their free time and to Fill -a-Skip for providing transport on the day to remove the rubbish collected. Thanks also to Master Services for helping clear heavier items left at site.



    The ESG would also like to announce that the Global CUTW Campaign has now been launched. Although the date has been set for the weekend of the 14th September the ESG has decided to delay this by one week in order to make it easier for our teams to participate in Gibraltar.

    CUTW 2012 Gibraltar weekend date is: 21st to 23rd September.

    Volunteers are to register by emailing: esg@gibtelecom.net, call 200-48996 or 54960000