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    Climate Change is in the spotlight with COP28 currently underway in Dubai. Amidst controversies surrounding this oil-producing nation hosting such an event, there is regardless intense discussion and pressure for the necessary actions to be taken urgently. The Minister for the Environment and Climate Change, Dr. John Cortes, is present at this conference and we hope it will also translate into action taken in Gibraltar. 

    We have yet to see a date announced for the long-awaited first sitting of the Cross Party Parliamentary Select Committee on Climate Change, to be held before the end of the year as promised by Chief Minister Fabian Picardo during the last elections and reiterated at a recent parliamentary session.

    “We hope to hear from the Minister of his plans at such a meeting, following his attendance at COP28,” said a spokesperson.’

    ESG welcomes Transport under Environmental Minister 26.10.23

    The ESG welcomes the announcement of Transport now forming part of the Ministry for the Environments responsibilities. Transport in Gibraltar has long been an issue of concern to the group given the serious environmental and public health impacts from this activity. It believes air pollution and climate change factors, as laid out in Gibraltar’s Climate Strategy, underpins the need for urgent action in this area.

    The ESG has published its wish list in many areas including Road Transport issues since 2003. Among our urgent objectives are:

    – The need to launch and enforce the anti idling law, especially in vulnerable locations such as schools, all bus stops (Govt and Private), taxi ranks, coach parks and at popular tourist sites.

    – The need to replace all second hand buses, which fail EU emission standards in place to protect public health, with clean alternatives.

    – Thirdly we need to update our MOT emission standards, which permits vehicles  to pollute to their date of manufacture allowing emission of dangerous levels of pollutants. These are especially harmful to the young and the elderly.

    On an ongoing basis there are several other issues we are concerned about regarding impacts from Transport that we will take up with the new Minister for Transport as soon as we are given a meeting date.

    For those interested please search our website for our 2019 List of Objectives which carries a detailed look at our long-term issues.

    ESG Concerned re LNG Quayside Bunkering 25.10.23

    The ESG has learnt of a quayside LNG bunkering transaction that recently took place in Gibraltar from an announcement on Facebook by the previous Minister of the Port. Subsequent enquiries with the Ministry for the Environment confirm that a cruise ship, the Silver Nova, did receive LNG bunker from a barge, at quayside, on her inaugural call to Gibraltar.

    The ESG has publicly voiced its strong concerns in the past over the potential for growth of LNG activity at port side from the LNG Storage facility and sought information from the authorities on this announcement.

    The group was provided with safety assessment reports commissioned by the Port produced some years ago for such transactions and licensing, as well as a separate detailed report for this specific vessel and date. It appears that a barge supplied the fuel but this needs further clarification.

    While it’s clear that safety assessments were carried out this new step has not been processed before DPC, or, to our knowledge, had cross-departmental oversight. Industrial activities do not operate in a bubble and require all impacts concerning public health and the environment to be closely studied with the public informed.

    The ESG understands that LNG reduces pollution and believes it has a role to play on the path towards fully renewable and sustainable shipping fuels.

    The group strongly urges Government to review this new activity and ensure that full provision of information for intended LNG transactions of this nature go through public process and due protocols before any further transactions are carried out. 

    ESG Concerned re lack of Climate Change Discussion during elections 26.09.23

    “The ESG is quite disappointed with the lack of discussion on Climate Change, the environment and pollution during recent election debates;  issues which greatly affect our quality of life and will increasingly impact future generations.

    In an appeal to the media and political parties the ESG calls for these critical issues to be included in the debates so we can understand the commitment held by candidates and parties on these issues. 

    As has been said often times in the past couple of elections: the environment is no longer the  remit of ‘NGOs or the hippie fraternity’,  but key and difficult issues that need to be central to all decision making by Government. 

    Barely a word has been said acknowledging the importance the environment, our nest and home, carries for our health, safety and stability. We hope to hear full debates on these issues and also look forward to interactive public sessions where the community can raise these crucial topics with candidates.”

    CUTW Success Unbelievable Haul! Well done to all Volunteers 25.09.23

    Organisers of the 19th annual Clean up the World are extremely grateful to Team Leaders and volunteers, essential agencies, services, specialists and contractors for the energy and civic pride displayed throughout the clean up activity this weekend. The phenomena that the community wide Clean up has become did not disappoint with over 450 hard working citizens of all ages doing their best to help clear litter and other waste left by thoughtless people and businesses.

    17 areas, many of them habitats, saw a thorough going over by busy teams leaving them pristine and cleared from food related waste to commercial and industrial material. Our seafronts, green areas, nature and marine reserves, underwater and hard to access sites as well as some town areas were tackled with verve and purpose. This effort must surely be followed by increased surveillance, fines and visible deterrents to reduce the pattern of wanton and daily littering and fly tipping.

    25 teams made up of schools, associations, companies and agencies worked throughout most of Gibraltar tackling lightly littered areas and major hotspots. Seven Sisters saw an unexpectedly major haul of historic fly tipping with the Prison Car Park area another hotspot. Britannia Services closely collaborated here for which we are most thankful.

    Overall a larger haul this year resulting from the excellent effort by teams and close support of Britannia who recognises the educational benefits of the Clean up Campaign and also tackled areas with us.

    Thanks to all involved which resulted in the collection of 12 large truckloads and 3 vanloads of waste to the open quarry where a symbolic mountain was created driving the message home that we still have a lot to do as a community before we can hang up our boots on this important issue anytime soon.

    Thanks to the Dept of Environment, Britannia, Bassadone, Wildlife Gibraltar, GibSubAqua888 and our own steering team for their help and participation on the day. Thanks go to ALL volunteers and supporters.

    A fuller report will be published soon.

    Watch out for a special film on the Clean up coming out soon.

    CLEAN UP 2019 GBC FILM 19.09.23

    Check out : https://www.gbc.gi/tv/programmes/brighter-future-906/episode/episode-1-6606

    for a GBC film on the 2019 Clean up showing great community energy and participation!!

    CUTW 2023 READY TO GO!! 18.09.23

    The ESG is pleased to confirm strong support once again from the Gibraltar community for the global Clean up the World Event taking place Saturday 23rd September. Millions of volunteers in 100s of countries will be taking action in their neighbourhoods to help their environment. With the long established theme ‘Our Place, Our Planet, Our Responsibility’, this campaign provides an opportunity to give something back to the natural environment we so enjoy while exercising civic pride and respect for our surroundings. It also places a spotlight on ongoing problems regarding littering and fly tipping.

    Over 25 teams, including several schools, will be equipped and ready to go Saturday morning, tackling multiple sites throughout Gibraltar ranging from green areas, coastal, open and underwater as well as urban sites. These partnerships have become well established over time and are deeply appreciated. The campaign also sees essential support from agencies and specialists so that difficult to access areas are included. Special mention must be given to the Department of the Environment and Britannia for their assistance with logistics involved at some sites.

    With the summer dominated somewhat with oil related pollution from the shipping world we now turn our sights to homegrown waste which continues to pervade and mar our beautiful Gibraltar.

    The Clean up Campaign will stimulate discussion and highlight issues among those who take part and reach the wider community via the media. Among key aims are:

    • Greater visibility of fines and enforcement of dumping and littering rules to act as a real deterrent
    • Increased and improved facilities and more signage to be displayed to promote pride in our environment (info for residents/ rubble tipping/ rubbish in hotspots)
    • Stricter monitoring of shared public spaces used by businesses and the community often leading to dangerous conditions and eyesores

    While teams can no longer apply, fit and active people are welcome to get in touch to be added to existing teams before Wednesday the 20th. Please email to: esg@gibtelecom.net

    Reports on the outcome of the busy day will be published in the media.

    Visit esg-gib.net for posters and other information over the next week.


    ESG Interview Coverage re Oil Spills July/August 2023

    ESG Janet Howitt Interview from 3.50 minute


    Follow above link for TNP and ESG interview from 3.50 to 10.30 minutes.