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  • ESG Radio Newsletter 03/05/12

    ESG Radio Newsletter Thursday 3rd May 2012

    Today’s radio Newsletter is busy with lots of different items of environmental news so hope you find something that will interest you.

    • the ESG is now launching its CUTW 2012 Campaign and is asking volunteers to register directly with us. You can do this via email, at esg@gibtelecom.net, or by calling 200-48996 and mobile 54960000. Since we began our Clean Ups in 2005, much has been achieved, and a lot of awareness raised. The Campaign remains vital as a focal point in the year when new projects can get a big push with help from our volunteers, and these then continue on through the year we hope with a greater chance of success. Education is central in encouraging respectful behaviour towards our environment and so once again we aim to work closely with all our schools. The date for 2012 CUTW is Saturday 22nd September. Plse contact us with any questions and we can provide you with more information.

    • For those of you who enjoy your fruit and vegetable the next item should interest you. An environmentalist and good friend of the ESG, Simon Cooper, has together with a colleague, embarked on a farming project with a difference these past two years. The result is a steady crop of organic fruit and veg which they now deliver on a weekly basis to customers in Gibraltar. The reason this is so exciting is that Local Organic, as the Farm is called, produces entirely organic produce at an equitable price to local supermarkets for non-organic fruit and veg. The range of produce is extensive and the guys running this project are extremely helpful. If you are interested and want more details plse contact Simon and James at Local Organic on their email: local.organic.gib@gmail.com. You can also find them on Facebook. Sustainable farming at long last!

    • Moving on we need to mention the great effort made by volunteers at the Northern Defences last weekend. This area is also known to many as the Jungle. Three hours of backbreaking work ensured that several hotspot sites within this great, unused resource of ours, were left pristine. However, without steps taken to avoid the usual and gradual degradation that follows a cleanup of this type, the area will soon revert to the filth that confronted volunteers on Saturday. There are also harder to get at areas within the “Jungle” also being accessed by some and left predictably trashed. This must be tackled by the authorities. The ESG shall be taking the matter up with Government.

    • The ESG notes that sewage contamination of the eastern and western coastline of La Linea is being reported almost on a daily basis in the Spanish press. With our own data showing high levels of sewage at Western Beach, this does not bode well at all. We are following up with Brussels and trying to raise the pressure there too. We shall also press Govt to erect a fence at Western Beach to make the official closure more visible to the public. Yet another of our resources out of reach for the community

    • The ESG helps many in our community by providing information and advice on local environmental issues or problems. As an NGO and registered charity, we also need support from the public so plse, join up and help us continue to do our important work. Go to esg-gib.net for a membership form today!

    Thanks for listening!