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  • ESG to meet with MEP Ashley Fox

    ESG to meet with MEP Ashley Fox on the 28th October 2013

    “The ESG is to meet with Conservative MEP Ashley Fox during his visit to Gibraltar next week. The group’s legal adviser, David Dumas QC from Hassan’s International Law Firm, will also be present at the meeting.They will brief Mr. Fox and bring him up to date on the current environmental situation in the Bay so he can address these important issues more effectively in Brussels on our behalf.

    These meetings follow on from a paper published recently by the ESG and forwarded to Gibraltar’s MEPs. The paper focuses on the marginalisation of major environmental issues in the Bay due to political tensions.

    The worsening situation at Western Beach will be discussed as will concerns of weaker monitoring by Spanish authorities of the large chemical installations and Oil Refinery located in the Campo area due to the economic crisis in Spain.

    An example of the severity of the problem is a 2012 report commissioned by the Spanish authorities and recently published in the press by Spanish Env NGO’s. It confirmed that nickel levels found by air monitoring systems were among the highest in Andalucía and were linked to Acerinox, a steel processing plant, located in the Bay. This is just another reminder of the threat to health and the environment posed by these large chemical industries that need to be monitored very rigorously. A spokesperson for the ESG added that “The impact of such toxic pollution is far reaching and must be dealt with at European level.”

    ESG Paper referred to in PR can be found here:-


    Air Pollution Concerns 161013

    The ESG has received reports these past few days about persistent heavy air pollution in the area of Waterport Terraces over the weekend. Rotten egg, or sulphur smells were also affecting the south district late last night, with further reports received today that residents near the port area were similarly affected at the same time.

    The ESG has contacted the relevant agencies and Ministry for the Environment to report this matter and to ask for an investigation as to the actual cause/offender. We have been largely spared this type of widespread nauseating air pollution for some time now and do not want to see a resurgence of such pollution on the Rock. The group asks Government to explain what is causing this unacceptable recent pollution and to ensure it is swiftly brought under control. The group asks that the public do not suffer in silence and continue sending in reports to the relevant authorities and to copy these to the ESG

    ESG to meet with MEP Sir Graham Watson

    ESG Press Release

    Meeting with MEP Sir Graham Watson

    10th October 2013

    The ESG confirms it will be holding a meeting with MEP Sir Graham Watson on Friday morning during his visit to Gibraltar. The group’s legal advisor, David Dumas QC, will also be present at this meeting.

    The meeting will review issues raised in a paper recently published by the ESG during the visit to the area by EU inspectors. In it the group decries the lack of meaningful focus by all agencies on the critical and regional environmental issues affecting the health of all bay citizens and the living environment.

    Issues such as: sewage pollution; long-term emissions from the CEPSA Oil Refinery; lack of adequate monitoring of major, chemical installations in the Bay, and other matters.

    The group hopes to enlist the help of the MEP to remind the European Commission of the outstanding and unresolved environmental issues the ESG has presented to them in the form of complaints and petitions over the past few years; especially important given the present spotlight on Gibraltar and the Campo area due to border queues and other issues.

    THANKS! To all CUTW 2013 Volunteers

    Letter of thanks to all participants in 2013 Clean up the World

    As organisers of Clean up the World locally we would like to thank the community for once again rising up to the challenge of cleaning up Gibraltar! A strong cross section of our community got behind the hands on action sending a powerful message that many care and want to protect this great environment we live in. This public, widespread action also serves to raise awareness of the serious littering issues we continue to have and the need to tackle these together.
    It is impossible to thank everyone personally but this public letter is intended to offer an acknowledgement of the efforts made by those involved, especially to team leaders and school representatives.

    Thanks to:-

    CUTW Volunteer teams:Royal Gibraltar Police Marine, Officers and Recruits, Art in Movement, Department of the Environment, St John’s Cadets, Environmental Agency, Rotary International, Fiduciary Management Ltd, Gibraltar Sub Aqua Club, Royal Gibraltar Police Divers, Simply Diving, Cocoon Renewable Energy Consultants, Museum Cave Section, GONHS, Bayside School, Lucas Family, Scouts 1, Scouts 2, Youth Clubs (Laguna and Dolphin), Master Services, GSLP Youth, Girl Guides 1, Girl Guides 2, ESG/Alameda Tenants Association, Round Table, GSD, Lloyds Bank, Wake up Gibraltar, Charlie’s Team, Westside School

    Logistical & Equipment Support:
    ESG, Eco Art, Wildlife Gibraltar, Bassadone Motors, Master Services (transport), Master Services (abseiling team), Gibraltar General Support Services Ltd (for skips and trucks), St John’s Ambulance (First Aid Cover), Heritage Trust, Morrisons, GibDock (Crane support), GDP, RGP Marine, All Diving teams, RGP Traffic and Community Police.
    Also special thanks to volunteers who come together in the critical moments to help organise equipment.

    Rubbish collectors deserve special thanks as they work on throughout the day long after the volunteers have hung up their pickers: Tom Scott, Steven Barea, Jim Howitt, Andrew Abrines. Support from Master Services, Gibraltar General Support Services Ltd, Environmental Agency, GibDock and also to the three waste holding areas for allowing the Clean up waste to be managed at each site during a short period of time. (GGSS, Old Incinerator site and Transfer Station (managed by Monteverde)

    Parade and Square:
    Schools: St. Bernard’s First, Sacred Heart Middle, Bishop Fitzgerald Middle, St. Joseph’s Middle, Loreto, St. Anne’s, Bayside and Westside and families. Children and parents from St. Joseph’s First, several CUTW teams.

    Art in Movement and Danza Academy
    Deputy Chief Minister, Dr. Garcia and Ministers Dr Cortes and Mr Linares who were present to lend their support on the day.

    Sponsors: As a voluntary campaign it is vital to be supported with financial donations and we are very grateful to the Open Day Trust and to Isolas for their support

    Thanks to the local media for their support in spreading awareness of this important campaign, in particular to the Gibraltar Chronicle and GBC
    To those not mentioned above but whose assistance made the clean up run smoothly, we extend our thanks.

    Janet Howitt for the ESG Committee
    Organisers of the 9th Clean up the World Campaign in Gibraltar