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  • ESG to meet with MEP Sir Graham Watson

    ESG Press Release

    Meeting with MEP Sir Graham Watson

    10th October 2013

    The ESG confirms it will be holding a meeting with MEP Sir Graham Watson on Friday morning during his visit to Gibraltar. The group’s legal advisor, David Dumas QC, will also be present at this meeting.

    The meeting will review issues raised in a paper recently published by the ESG during the visit to the area by EU inspectors. In it the group decries the lack of meaningful focus by all agencies on the critical and regional environmental issues affecting the health of all bay citizens and the living environment.

    Issues such as: sewage pollution; long-term emissions from the CEPSA Oil Refinery; lack of adequate monitoring of major, chemical installations in the Bay, and other matters.

    The group hopes to enlist the help of the MEP to remind the European Commission of the outstanding and unresolved environmental issues the ESG has presented to them in the form of complaints and petitions over the past few years; especially important given the present spotlight on Gibraltar and the Campo area due to border queues and other issues.