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  • Air Pollution Concerns 161013

    The ESG has received reports these past few days about persistent heavy air pollution in the area of Waterport Terraces over the weekend. Rotten egg, or sulphur smells were also affecting the south district late last night, with further reports received today that residents near the port area were similarly affected at the same time.

    The ESG has contacted the relevant agencies and Ministry for the Environment to report this matter and to ask for an investigation as to the actual cause/offender. We have been largely spared this type of widespread nauseating air pollution for some time now and do not want to see a resurgence of such pollution on the Rock. The group asks Government to explain what is causing this unacceptable recent pollution and to ensure it is swiftly brought under control. The group asks that the public do not suffer in silence and continue sending in reports to the relevant authorities and to copy these to the ESG