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    Radio Broadcast ESG 29th September 2011

    This radio broadcast would not be complete without mentioning the incredible community effort which took place in Gibraltar a few days ago for the annual Clean up the World Campaign. Despite the great task involved in organising 500 volunteers and co-ordinating this with the pre-clean up Parade and Exhibition, we can confirm that Gibraltar enjoyed another successful Clean up the World event, in this, our seventh year. But what does the mountain of rubbish we collected tell us? Surely that the message of keeping Gibraltar tidy and of respecting our environment is still not reaching everyone. This is why we believe it is essential for a number of measures to be applied by the authorities if this ongoing and negative situation is to change.

    Among the measures we consider important are:

    • A sustained information campaign to reach every household and business on why its important to keep Gibraltar tidy as well as concrete information as to where all types of waste should be deposited

    • Improved facilities for rubbish in Gibraltar is necessary – the new bin enclosures within the town area are a huge step forward and will bring improvements to many locations who have long suffered smells, flies and worse from open dumping sites, especially in the hot summer months

    • We still need to significantly improve the way we manage the many streams of waste which are stock piled and prepared for export- eg: Gibraltar General Support Services, previously known as Community projects, have been moved from their Buena Vista Site to a new location on Europa Advance Road- There has been no information made public about this move so how is the community supposed to know of its location? Another issue is that the new spot is completely open to the elements and very near the sea which means that some waste material is already heading sea bound –this is not a good plan. A centrally located Eco or Waste Park to accommodate all types of waste is essential in our small, densely populated land which sees so many millions of tourists per year

    • We have also long advocated for enclosure of the city dump which receives and manages our household rubbish which just this morning was emptying its guts out onto the busy road and the sea due to the gusty conditions. Plans for enclosing this site are ongoing but this surely should be treated as an urgent issue

    • And apart from increasing the amount of glass and cans recycled on the Rock with an active programme to engage all sectors of the community, we believe that bars, clubs and restaurants who produce a lot of this material should be encouraged and enforced to separate on for recycling

    • Finally we get to enforcement. Even with education, awareness, the right facilities in place, communities everywhere will always have people who care little about civic pride and the environment. So these offenders need to be shown by the authorities that littering and dumping is not permitted- the only way to do this is to issue fines. This, we believe is important and while GoG states that we already have enforcement officers- we strongly believe that dedicated litter wardens focusing only on this task is a critical need. May not be a vote winner but if we are as proud a community as we display to be during our National Day activities, surely we see the need to look after our homeland and environment in this way??

    The ESG is busy working on the final touches to a short documentary it has commissioned on the Cleanup Campaign locally and how this has progressed through the years. We hope this will prove to be a great aide in keeping the Clean up message alive through the coming year as well as reflect how our community, together, is now actively tackling serious dumping and littering issues by increasing investment and resources to better protect our natural environment. Thanks again to all who gave so much of their time and support. Remember we do undertake sporadic clean ups through the year so do email us at esg@gibtelecom.net or call at 200-48996 if you would like to be involved.

    Thanks for listening.

    CUTW 2011 a few pics!

          ESG organisers at the City Dump as the rubbish begins to arrive



    The final pile showing mixed waste, household furniture and contractors materials and vegetation removed in project support for Conservation and Botanical purposes

    CUTW Gibraltar Pulls it off once again!!

     September 20th 2011


     Clean up the World 2011 was once again a great success- together with our energetic teams we made several areas around the Rock cleaner and natural environments safer and richer for it. Organisers wish to publicly thank each and every volunteer and supporter who helped guarantee a successful result.


    The event was launched with a colourful and impactive Parade ending up at the John Mackintosh Square where displays and stalls colourfully framed groups of focused youngsters keen on promoting environmental messages to Gibraltar. Many of those present received special certificates handed to them by the Minister for the Environment on behalf of the ESG. The pupils had been nominated by their own teachers for their  “year-round” efforts to help the environment. It was with genuine pride that the certificates and prizes were handed to these young people.


    Back to the clean up and we can confirm that volunteers collected around 60 tons, two thirds of the quantities we managed in 2010. Skips were also used this year on a number of sites so the final total could be higher.


    Contractor’s materials, timber, furniture, household waste and light litter formed the bulk of our collection. Sites like Seven Sisters Cove were full of dangerously large sheets of plastic and other packaging material, harmful to marine life and a danger to shipping. A return visit is planned to continue to remove waste from this area. Other green areas proved to be disgustingly dirty and were transformed by our hard working volunteers. Information on these new areas will be contained in a detailed report to be handed to Government and posted on our website

     In an informal debriefing session volunteers discussed these issues with many agreeing that enforcement of litter fines, as well as a sustained information campaign and 24/7 Eco Park are also necessary to help change littering behaviour. The ESG has been calling for these and other measures for some time and will continue to lobby. A full debriefing session is planned and all Team leaders will be notified  of date and location

    “Clean Up the World is a global community Campaign which empowers and inspires communities the world over. Gibraltar has definitely been inspired to act once again and in turn will no doubt inspire otherssays local CUTW organiser Janet Howitt. 



     TeamsConvent, ESG, GONHS, RGP Marine Section, Gibraltar Sub Aqua Club, Simply Diving, Francis Team, Tom’s Team, Peachies, Scouts, Heritage Trust, Guides, NatWest, Recycle.gi, Interbuild, 101 Ltd, MoD, St. John’s Cadets, Thinking Aloud, Deloitte, Round Table, Rotary, Community Services, Wildlife Park, Alameda Botanical Gardens, Miss Teen Model and Women in Need

    Schools: St. Mary’s First School, Bayside School, Westside School, St. Christopher’s School, St. Anne’s Middle School



     Parade: Schools –  St Bernard’s, St Mary’s, Loreto, St Anne’s St Josephs, Sacred Heart, St Christopher’s and Clean Up Teams: Tom’s team, Francis Team, Rainbows, Rotary, Miss Teen Model, FoE Gibraltar, St John’s Cadets, Girl Guides, ESG as well as family and friends

     Exhibition supported by: Anna Mazia (also principally responsible for most of the brilliant artwork on display at parade and exhibition this year), Michele Stagnetto, Gabrielle Bolland, ESG various displays, Schools: St Mary’s First Gardening Stall, thanks to Rina Divine,  St Mary’s First Artwork, Westside, Loreto and St Anne’s



    Barbary Rock Adventures, Wildlife Gibraltar, RGP Marine Unit, Navy Marine Unit, 101 Ltd, Interbuild, Master Services, Bassadone/Toyota, GibDock, Morrison’s, Corner Shop, Trafalgar Theatre Group, St Joseph’s Middle School, St John’s Cadets, Ministry for the Environment, the Royal Gibraltar Police and the Gibraltar General Support Services Ltd.


    Special thanks to our rubbish collectors Eddie Lucas, Jim Howitt, Roy Pearce, Ashley and Carol Cookson, Ricky Rugeroni and Ewen Clinton for the hard job of collecting the rubbish picked up by volunteers and to the Monteverde staff at the City Dump for always being so helpful to this Campaign. Thanks also to Master Services for assisting in some removals.


    Gabbrielle  Bolland, Anna Mazia, Michele Stagnetto, Cat Mac Niven, Grace Mac Niven, Chelsea Edwards, Gaby, Katherine and Patrick Garner, Billy and Tim Howitt , Susan Blacker, Norah, Derek, Val, and Paul Austin and the boys, Sam Lucas and Jim Howitt

     SPONSORS:   Open Day Trust, help from all ESG regular supporters 

     Media support:  to local media and Pedro Mesquita

    ESG Press Release 9th September 2011 CUTW UPDATE

    click on image for full picture

    CUTW 2011 Second and Final Planning Session

    This week saw the final planning session take place for this year’s Clean Up the World Event on Saturday 17th September, 2011. This promises to be a truly dynamic event with well over 500 volunteers tackling various areas around Gibraltar in an effort to clear away dumped rubbish from green, coastal and underwater areas.
    The day will start with an energetic and colourful parade supported by local schools and members of the community which will finish up at John Mackintosh Square where activities, information displays and other attractions will feature, all with an environmental theme. Parade will depart from Casemates at 11.00am and will make its way to the “Piazza” where activities will continue until at least 12.30pm. The ESG hopes the community will support this important event. “Waste Art” workshops have been held during the summer and will continue until the weekend ensuring various exciting and thought provoking displays and activities on recycling and waste issues will greet the schools at the Square on the day. Meanwhile some of the teams will already be working hard at relieving our natural environment from litter and dumped waste.

    On both of our planning sessions the ESG has delivered a presentation outlining the aims of the campaign and the progress attained over the years. In subsequent discussions it’s clear that all volunteers agree that until we see a litter fining and enforcement scheme in place our home town will continue to see litterers and irresponsible contractors dumping waste where they shouldn’t. Campaigners hope that this scheme will be implemented with no further delay. They also welcome the fact that in this, our seventh year, the Govt response to our collective efforts means that everyone senses progress and the chance of achieving further positive change.

    Team leaders are reminded to please collect equipment and information sheets on the 16th September from ESG Premises above Plater Youth Club – (details sent direct via email) – call 54960000 if any problems.

    Teams confirmed for action: ESG, GONHS, RGP Diving Team, Gib Sub Aqua Club, Simply Diving, Mixed Team, Tom’s Team, Peachies, Scouts, Heritage Trust, Guides, Recycle.gi, Interbuild, 101 Ltd, MoD, St. Mary’s School, Bayside School, Westside School, St.Christopher’s School, St. Anne’s School, St. John’s Cadets, Thinking Aloud, Deloitte, Round Table, Rotary, Convent, Community Services, Wildlife Park, and Alameda Botanical Gardens (a few others remain unconfirmed).

    Additional Support from: Barbary Rock Adventures, Navy, Tarik Shipping, GibDock, Master Services, Toyota, 101 Ltd, Interbuild and many others. Thanks in advance to everyone for their enthusiasm and commitment to this community wide campaign.
    (Picture attached of 2nd Planning Session with ESG and various Team leaders)


    Press Release Western Beach Pollution
    9th September 2011

    Western Beach users and the ESG welcome the comments made by the Chief Minister and Mayor of La Linea on the need for action on the sewage pollution affecting Western Beach from La Linea’s storm drain. This public and direct admission is considered progress and is welcomed by campaigners. It would appear that the works to be carried out to the storm drain leading out into Western Beach will be made a priority. This is good news to all of those people who use Western beach.

    Having kept a close watch on the levels of e coli pollution at all the beaches this summer, campaigners are concerned that it is not just Western Beach that has been affected. The levels at both Eastern Beach and Catalan Bay have risen considerably this year at times recording serious spikes in pollution levels. The solution therefore, needs to be thorough, and permanent, and ensure that all illegal discharges are closed and proper treatment facilities set up.

    Campaigners believe it is vital to maintain pressure on this issue. At a meeting with the MEP Sir Graham Watson last week it was agreed that the Petitions Committee in Brussels would be contacted again to push for the petition signed by 3000 people to be heard as soon as possible.

    “We cannot allow sewage to continue to flow out onto any of our beaches in the way that it has done over the past year,” said a spokesman, “a solution needs to be found, and more importantly, adequately funded by central government if need be due to its cross border nature , as a matter of urgency”.

    ESG calls for local Tree Protection

    Protect Local Trees

    The ESG wishes to add its support to the statement made by the GONHS condemning the recent felling of mature trees in the town area. The ESG agrees that Gibraltar must protect its trees, that they are living organisms that do not need to be destroyed, and more importantly, are vital because:

    They cut down the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere
    -They provide a source of oxygen in built-up areas
    -They provide urban cooling and wildlife habitat within urban areas
    -They help to eliminate fine particulate matter from the air which is also a problem in Gibraltar
    -They are aesthetically important in a city environment
    -They provide badly-needed shade in pedestrian areas
    -They have been part of our heritage and community

    The ESG believes that the community should be made aware of the rationale for this latest tree felling in the Theatre Royal area and assurances given that no more trees will be removed.
    The ESG agrees with the GONHS that we should be paying particular attention towards conserving our local trees and ensuring their long term survival.

    ESG Radio Broadcast 1st September 2011

    Key Words: Clean up the World 2011, GoG Action, Fines, Glass and Cans Recycling, Sir Graham Watson

    Hello to one and all- the pace is now truly picking up for our exciting Clean Up the World Community Event to be held on the 17th September that will see over 500 already registered volunteers help make Gibraltar a cleaner environment for all. What is remarkable is the transition organisers are witnessing this time round regarding the vast improvements to many of our usual hotspot sites targeted each year since 2005.

    This represents a major success story of an effective and sustained community campaign together with the efforts of the Minister of the Environment and related depts. Master Services and agencies who are now responding and are better resourced to maintain many of our precious green and coastal areas which historically were off radar – except that is, for tourists, litterers and irresponsible contractors. These ongoing issues highlight the need for prevention of littering and dumping by way of improved information/facilities and above all fines and enforcement. We shall be focusing on this during the 2011 campaign.

    So, this is an extremely positive year for our volunteers as we gear up to work on new areas and new projects knowing that the efforts will survive beyond the weekend event

    We shall be cleaning underwater sites, hard to access coastal and green areas as well as working with the local NGOs in programmes related to vegetation and conservation projects. We also are expecting to assist in worthy fixing up projects which are currently being looked at in detail. The ethos of CUTW is to clean up, fix up and green up our environment- imagine if all communities did this – everywhere – the world would indeed be a better place to live in!! If you haven’t yet signed up and are interested to take part just give us a call on 200-48996 or mobile 54960000 or email us at esg@gibtelecom.net. We also welcome donations to support the event so call us if you can help. Thank you!

    Taking responsibility is also part of the 2011 Clean Up theme and disposing of your waste falls clearly under this ethos. While it is the responsibility of Govts and agencies to provide and monitor basic services the community also has a part to play and 2010 statistics for collection of glass and cans do not tell a good story. Although Gibraltar exported over 100 tons of glass and over 20 tons of cans in 2010 this falls short of the waste targets we are required to meet as a community. Clearly more work needs to be done on both sides ie the service providers and users and we hope our annual campaign will help increase awareness during the Clean Up Event.

    On other news the ESG was very pleased to meet with MEP Sir Graham Watson on his recent visit to Gibraltar. Sir Graham, who is now fully briefed and concerned about regional environmental issues has given us greater confidence in the European Commission process and we are very thankful to be able to rely on his support and representations on our behalf on important issues such as CEPSA pollution, sewage, and bunkering, among others.

    Thank you for listening and a reminder to all CUTW team leaders that we meet on the 7th September at 7pm at the Charles Hunt Room for a detailed logistics and planning session. Hope to see you there!