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  • ESG calls for local Tree Protection

    Protect Local Trees

    The ESG wishes to add its support to the statement made by the GONHS condemning the recent felling of mature trees in the town area. The ESG agrees that Gibraltar must protect its trees, that they are living organisms that do not need to be destroyed, and more importantly, are vital because:

    They cut down the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere
    -They provide a source of oxygen in built-up areas
    -They provide urban cooling and wildlife habitat within urban areas
    -They help to eliminate fine particulate matter from the air which is also a problem in Gibraltar
    -They are aesthetically important in a city environment
    -They provide badly-needed shade in pedestrian areas
    -They have been part of our heritage and community

    The ESG believes that the community should be made aware of the rationale for this latest tree felling in the Theatre Royal area and assurances given that no more trees will be removed.
    The ESG agrees with the GONHS that we should be paying particular attention towards conserving our local trees and ensuring their long term survival.