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    Press Release Western Beach Pollution
    9th September 2011

    Western Beach users and the ESG welcome the comments made by the Chief Minister and Mayor of La Linea on the need for action on the sewage pollution affecting Western Beach from La Linea’s storm drain. This public and direct admission is considered progress and is welcomed by campaigners. It would appear that the works to be carried out to the storm drain leading out into Western Beach will be made a priority. This is good news to all of those people who use Western beach.

    Having kept a close watch on the levels of e coli pollution at all the beaches this summer, campaigners are concerned that it is not just Western Beach that has been affected. The levels at both Eastern Beach and Catalan Bay have risen considerably this year at times recording serious spikes in pollution levels. The solution therefore, needs to be thorough, and permanent, and ensure that all illegal discharges are closed and proper treatment facilities set up.

    Campaigners believe it is vital to maintain pressure on this issue. At a meeting with the MEP Sir Graham Watson last week it was agreed that the Petitions Committee in Brussels would be contacted again to push for the petition signed by 3000 people to be heard as soon as possible.

    “We cannot allow sewage to continue to flow out onto any of our beaches in the way that it has done over the past year,” said a spokesman, “a solution needs to be found, and more importantly, adequately funded by central government if need be due to its cross border nature , as a matter of urgency”.