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  • CUTW Gibraltar Pulls it off once again!!

     September 20th 2011


     Clean up the World 2011 was once again a great success- together with our energetic teams we made several areas around the Rock cleaner and natural environments safer and richer for it. Organisers wish to publicly thank each and every volunteer and supporter who helped guarantee a successful result.


    The event was launched with a colourful and impactive Parade ending up at the John Mackintosh Square where displays and stalls colourfully framed groups of focused youngsters keen on promoting environmental messages to Gibraltar. Many of those present received special certificates handed to them by the Minister for the Environment on behalf of the ESG. The pupils had been nominated by their own teachers for their  “year-round” efforts to help the environment. It was with genuine pride that the certificates and prizes were handed to these young people.


    Back to the clean up and we can confirm that volunteers collected around 60 tons, two thirds of the quantities we managed in 2010. Skips were also used this year on a number of sites so the final total could be higher.


    Contractor’s materials, timber, furniture, household waste and light litter formed the bulk of our collection. Sites like Seven Sisters Cove were full of dangerously large sheets of plastic and other packaging material, harmful to marine life and a danger to shipping. A return visit is planned to continue to remove waste from this area. Other green areas proved to be disgustingly dirty and were transformed by our hard working volunteers. Information on these new areas will be contained in a detailed report to be handed to Government and posted on our website

     In an informal debriefing session volunteers discussed these issues with many agreeing that enforcement of litter fines, as well as a sustained information campaign and 24/7 Eco Park are also necessary to help change littering behaviour. The ESG has been calling for these and other measures for some time and will continue to lobby. A full debriefing session is planned and all Team leaders will be notified  of date and location

    “Clean Up the World is a global community Campaign which empowers and inspires communities the world over. Gibraltar has definitely been inspired to act once again and in turn will no doubt inspire otherssays local CUTW organiser Janet Howitt. 



     TeamsConvent, ESG, GONHS, RGP Marine Section, Gibraltar Sub Aqua Club, Simply Diving, Francis Team, Tom’s Team, Peachies, Scouts, Heritage Trust, Guides, NatWest, Recycle.gi, Interbuild, 101 Ltd, MoD, St. John’s Cadets, Thinking Aloud, Deloitte, Round Table, Rotary, Community Services, Wildlife Park, Alameda Botanical Gardens, Miss Teen Model and Women in Need

    Schools: St. Mary’s First School, Bayside School, Westside School, St. Christopher’s School, St. Anne’s Middle School



     Parade: Schools –  St Bernard’s, St Mary’s, Loreto, St Anne’s St Josephs, Sacred Heart, St Christopher’s and Clean Up Teams: Tom’s team, Francis Team, Rainbows, Rotary, Miss Teen Model, FoE Gibraltar, St John’s Cadets, Girl Guides, ESG as well as family and friends

     Exhibition supported by: Anna Mazia (also principally responsible for most of the brilliant artwork on display at parade and exhibition this year), Michele Stagnetto, Gabrielle Bolland, ESG various displays, Schools: St Mary’s First Gardening Stall, thanks to Rina Divine,  St Mary’s First Artwork, Westside, Loreto and St Anne’s



    Barbary Rock Adventures, Wildlife Gibraltar, RGP Marine Unit, Navy Marine Unit, 101 Ltd, Interbuild, Master Services, Bassadone/Toyota, GibDock, Morrison’s, Corner Shop, Trafalgar Theatre Group, St Joseph’s Middle School, St John’s Cadets, Ministry for the Environment, the Royal Gibraltar Police and the Gibraltar General Support Services Ltd.


    Special thanks to our rubbish collectors Eddie Lucas, Jim Howitt, Roy Pearce, Ashley and Carol Cookson, Ricky Rugeroni and Ewen Clinton for the hard job of collecting the rubbish picked up by volunteers and to the Monteverde staff at the City Dump for always being so helpful to this Campaign. Thanks also to Master Services for assisting in some removals.


    Gabbrielle  Bolland, Anna Mazia, Michele Stagnetto, Cat Mac Niven, Grace Mac Niven, Chelsea Edwards, Gaby, Katherine and Patrick Garner, Billy and Tim Howitt , Susan Blacker, Norah, Derek, Val, and Paul Austin and the boys, Sam Lucas and Jim Howitt

     SPONSORS:   Open Day Trust, help from all ESG regular supporters 

     Media support:  to local media and Pedro Mesquita