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  • World Earth Day, Climate Change and Oil 21.04.23

    The ESG draws attention to World Earth Day celebrated tomorrow the 22nd of April 2023. Fortunately these annual, global dates alone are no longer the only drivers for environmental action today but they do highlight the immense challenges ahead.

    Halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 still remains the goal to preserve a liveable planet with net zero emissions to follow by 2050. That’s just 7 and 27 years away…literally a blink of an eye. The ESG will continue to press for greater and more visible action to be taken by all levels of society with Government clearly needed to set the agenda for action and priority.

    More locally we also face the ongoing works to remove the OS35 vessel from our coastline. Even today, teams organised by the Department of the Environment have been removing tar balls from Sandy and Little Bay. We commend their monitoring and clean up but regret this ongoing oil pollution even running through to World Earth Day itself. The group notes that all beaches will be open to the public barring Little Bay, that will be partially closed, as works there continue. The ESG shares the widely held view that the removal of this vessel cannot come too soon.

    On a more positive note it highlights another clean up led by The Nautilus Project on Sunday 23rd April to mark World Earth Day from 11.30 to 1pm at Rosia Bay welcoming all volunteers.