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    Press Release 22nd April 2013

    ESG on World Earth Day and Mobile Phone Masts

    With World Earth Day celebrated globally today, the 22nd April, the ESG wishes to draw attention to a number of environmental matters. Firstly, the Earth Day’s own inspirational website and projects at: earthday.org. There are details of various incredible projects being carried out around the world today under this campaign. Projects on reforestation as well as on conservation, sustainability and climate change. The Canopy Project alone involves the planting of 10 million trees!

    On Saturday the 27th April, and in recognition of World Earth Day, the ESG shall be setting up a stall in Main Street, between 11.00am to 1.00pm. Among the environmental issues we shall be raising, we launch an awareness and information campaign over the hidden dangers posed by the ever increasing use and presence of electronic radiation in our lives today. We look at why Gibraltar presently has a moratorium on mobile phone masts, and will have experts with us to help discuss these issues.

    Leaflets will be handed out on the day. Do come along to our stall – join the conversation, next Saturday at 11.00am in Main Street.