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  • Western Beach and Public Health issues 220713

    Given the ongoing, general low standard of water quality at Western beach, the ESG renews its call for beach closure until such time as samples are collecting clear for a period of time and until all sources of potential contamination in this area are resolved.

    Members of the public are regularly in contact with us sharing their concerns over the situation and the ongoing uncertainty. The readings on the Environmental Agency show continued pollution at the beach.

    One member of the public also confirmed to us over the weekend that her son, while going through post op recovery, happened to swim at Western Beach during the time of its highest recorded sewage pollution in recent times (10th July) although the beach was declared open and fit for bathing on the day, and contracted a serious infection via his wound. This was confirmed at St Bernard’s as having been caused by faecal bacteria. The young man is now requiring high dose of antibiotics with swelling in the ankle leading to the need once again of the use of crutches. The family feel very aggrieved that the beach was officially declared safe and open for bathing on that day.

    Although Government is taking additional readings and providing information to the public over and above legal requirements, it’s clear that the time delay in obtaining results under the present system means people do not know – at the time of bathing – what exactly they are bathing in.

    Soon after the spike on the 10th July which led to beach closure, the beach was re-opened as further samples showed a marked decrease in pollution levels. However pollution persists in the area and is slowly increasing as demonstrated by the agencies sampling information posted online.

    Given this situation the ESG repeats its call for the beach to be closed in order to ensure that public health is protected.