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    For publication 21st July 2010

    “The ESG and GONHS, as part of the cross border coalition of environmental NGO’s, wish to advise that the joint request made by groups “for participation in the technical talks held under the Tripartite Process on environmental issues” has neither been heard or acknowledged. In light of the talks being held today we regret this exclusion and will be taking the issue up with our colleagues in Spain to consider our position.

    The NGO’s are also concerned that other developments should not take the
    focus away from the needs of the environment and consequently public
    health, which are longer term problems which affect us all, regardless of
    the frontier situation.

    A year ago today the Forum made several declarations on how it proposed to address environmental risks and potential hazards in the bay claiming it would be providing substantial feedback within the year. The year is up today and we call upon the Forum to provide concrete answers”.