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    ESG Press Release August 4th 2011


    The ESG wishes to add its voice to the many in our community who are expressing concern over the increase in pollution experienced both in the air we are breathing and the waters we are bathing in.
    It’s clear that while Gibraltar does undergo many improvements and facelifts in various areas around the Rock the day to day filth and grime, dog waste, air pollution as well as sewage in the seas continue to mar a place we should all be proud of.

    Many people continue to complain about dog urine and faeces, about sewage levels in our seas, and about the abhorrent levels of air pollution prevalent in several hotspots around Gibraltar. The ESG believe there are solutions to these problems and these require attention and action from the authorities.

    We hear people say they no longer feel able to complain because they feel nothing will change. The ESG disagrees most strongly with this and believes we should strive to be that shining example and make every effort to achieve positive change. Some of the changes also have to come from the public, but investment/facilities/direction and enforcement are the responsibility of the authorities and requires political will to see these through.

    Indeed as well as the authorities all our local politicians are ultimately responsible either from inaction while in positions of responsibility or inaction in holding the administration to account as is their duty if they feel things could be done differently. All our local politicians must move on from being partisan and confrontational to being facilitators and leaders at least with regards to the environment and quality of life which knows nothing of political associations and is shared by all.
    Let’s get our basics right and provide a healthy environment in which to raise our families.