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  • Read for general guidelines on recycling in Gibraltar

    The ESG has, for a number of years now, supplied information for the Gibraltar Telephone Directory on what we all need to do when disposing of different types of waste.

    You can find this information in the “Around &  About in Gibraltar” section in the phone book, and we feature under “Environment”, on pages 6 and 7. The information in this years entry has been changed quite significantly and these changes have already gone through to the publishers. If you have any query on any of the items in our section please call us on 200-48996 or on mobile 54960000. One glaring error is the telephone number for Gibraltar Support Services ltd which should read 200-47015. They accept  just about anything from the individual and household so important to have the right number!!

    Also updated are details of bin locations for glass, cans and household batteries- Please see the previous entry on website for precise details of this and help spread the word!!