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  • Radio Newsletter 15.04.21

    Keywords: ESG Meetings/ Sandy Bay Development / EMF Monitors/ Trading between Gib and UK / Upper Rock and Traffic access / Cycling event

    As situation Covid continues fairly quietly now, life is beginning to get busy for everyone. So too is our environment and the ESG is also busy following up on the many issues contained in our Objectives, which can be found on our website at: esg-gib.net.  Meetings with Government and Industry continue as we lobby for action in several areas such as Climate Change, Sewage and LNG, the next Development Plan, Shore power, etc. You can find our list of issues and recommendations on the website too.

    Most recently we joined 2 other key local NGOs: Gibraltar Heritage Trust and the GONHS in releasing a joint press statement over what we consider an unacceptable development proposal for Sandy Bay. Please visit all 3 NGO websites for the press release.

    Some of you may have read or heard about the setting up of new monitoring units which look at electromagnetic fields produced by the mobile masts dotted around Gibraltar. As these continue to grow our group has pressed for the stepping up of monitoring of the impact this could be having in our physical spaces. You can check for yourself the data gathered by these machines which is published online on the GRA website, or Portal as it is called. The issue here is that the GRA follow ICNIRP standards which we do not think recognise other possible harmful effects, as yet fully understood, by saturating environments with this growing technology. We therefore call for the stepping up of monitoring resources and will also be checking data collected ourselves through the Portal.

    One very interesting development was an article in the local media referring to a UK Govt report carrying information on how the UK trades with Gibraltar. You can find this link on line by searching for Gibraltar Trade and Investment Factsheet dated 12th Feb 2021. Breaking down various areas of economic activity, though not all info is available, it’s an enlightening document showing where focus for greater sustainability could be given.

    As you may well be aware the ESG takes a keen interest in all things to do with our traffic and transport issues on the Rock. After the U turn on Linewall Road, which we consider to be a shame and lost opportunity, another issue came up recently with the access to the Upper Rock by local vehicles. It is a complex subject, which also divides public opinion. We think that controlled access by all is ultimately what is required via a holistic visitor plan. We are working on this as a group and are lobbying for partial access for everyone – walkers, cyclists, drivers, visitors and tourist traffic in a controlled and managed approach that will enhance the experience and protect our wildlife from what can become a terribly overrun situation from mainly mass tourism traffic, once this returns.

    Congratulations to the Cycle lobby on the Rock for a successful event on Good Friday which saw a healthy turn-out of local cyclists and cycling families demonstrate that interest in cycling is alive and kicking in Gibraltar while highlighting the need for safer roads and reduction of traffic.

    Thanks for listening!!!