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  • Radio Broadcast 18.06.20

    ESG Radio Broadcast –  18th June 2020

    This is the first broadcast by the ESG since the start of the lockdown. An unprecedented time indeed as we have all watched from the sidelines, or rather, indoors, as the global pandemic has its course, at least, for the time being.

    What was evident to many during the lockdown was how peaceful and clean our environment became with most of us indoors; the absence of noise was also striking with little traffic, construction etc. Nature could breathe once more…. Our return outdoors has sadly seen a renewal of waste and litter dotted about. We support the widespread calls for fines for such behaviour with enforcement being a priority CUTW objective.

    Talking of Clean ups we shall be holding our 16th annual Gibraltar wide event on the 19th of September. Some teams have already signalled interest and we hope with enough numbers we can tackle difficult to access green, coastal and underwater sites and make a positive difference! You can email through your details to esg@gibtelecom.net. Thanks!

    During the lockdown we have continued working both behind the scenes and actively via interviews and media articles. Committee members have been interviewed on the new traffic measures on the online ‘Aqui Que Pasa’ Podcast, while another took part in a lively Viewpoint discussion on the same subject alongside representatives from each political party. OTWO monthly magazine available online is running monthly articles on our various objectives with June focusing on bunkering impacts. Why not check it out?

    Our views on the road closures are that they are fundamentally a good idea and in keeping with the spirit of the ‘Sustainable Traffic and Transport Plan’ but, that a holistic approach is required to ensure the measures deliver a better outcome for the whole of Gibraltar.

    They have however, caused significant controversy especially as these were announced and enacted within a very short space of time.

    However one could also think that with quieter roads due to no tourism, closed schools and reduced border traffic that this could offer us, the locals, a chance to make important changes to limit non essential motorised transport in certain parts of Gibraltar.

    The benefits of such changes could encourage cycling and walking which is good for our health and the environment.

    The Park and Ride facility at Devil’s Tower Road will help prevent some visiting traffic from entering town area – the announcement of its refurbishment this week is welcomed..

    The bus service was reinstated parallel with the road closures and we support the idea of increasing frequency, perhaps even introducing smaller, shuttle buses that can run between peak traffic periods to shorten waiting times.

    An energetic and proactive campaign is needed to replace the aging, diesel coaches and buses and other commercial vehicles on our roads. These are highly polluting and must be tackled with urgency. Incentives and grants will be necessary to make these changes viable.

    Looking ahead the ESG will be picking up its lobbying once more on the various large projects for Gibraltar such as: solid and waste water plants, the commissioning of the Duel Fuelled Power Station, shore side power connection and a cross party programme to tackle climate change impacts in Gibraltar.

    Visit our website for more information: esg-gib.net

    Thanks for listening!