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  • RADIO BROADCAST 130511 (delayed)

    ESG Radio Broadcast 13th May 2011

    • Today’s radio broadcast will focus on four separate issues:

    The first is to refer you to this week’s publication of an exciting new report issued by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, otherwise known as the IPCC. The reports authors underline the significant future role in cutting greenhouse gas emissions and powering sustainable development using existing renewable energy technologies. A global team of technological experts and scientists studied over 160 scenarios using the potential of six separate renewable energy technologies and the details of their assessments are contained in a thousand page report, the link of which will be posted on the ESG website: www.esg-gib.net.

    In a world where nuclear energy is being pressed forward as the energy of choice to combat climate change, this report is very timely offering in-depth technical and socio economic analysis.  Anyone interested in learning about the actual viability of renewable energy, as opposed to arguments pushed forward by vested interests, will find this new report of great interest. You may be interested to know that the energies being considered by the IPCC are:

    Bio energy, direct solar energy, geothermal energy, hydropower, ocean energy and wind energy

    • The second area of focus is our very own wish list for parties standing for local elections. A very comprehensive 5 page list of measures we believe could greatly enhance both our quality of life and our environment will be published on our website this weekend and sent to our local press as well as directly to all parties over the next few days. The ESG has produced two previous wish lists, our first, in 2003, calling for an environmental policy to be declared by all parties. We believe we have come a long way in achieving the necessary awareness, of course, aided by the evolution of environmental legislation from Europe. However, Gibraltar is unique in many ways, not least in environmental matters and we believe we must go over and above legal limits and requirements in order to safe guard our environment and our families. Measures covered in our wish list address: climate change, energy, pollution, traffic, recycling, bunkering, sewage treatment, conservation, planning, Govts own Env Action and Management Plan, Cross Border issues and Epid Studies

    Watch out for our 2011 wish list and proposed measures!!

    • Getting down to very specific issues, bunkering fumes and other pollution continues to affect the community and the ESG is taking up this issue most vigorously on behalf of all complainants with the relevant agencies and ministries. We repeat our call for the public to report problems as they are occurring especially regarding bunkering related fumes- number to call is 56001652, for other sources you should call 200-70620 during office hours, or 200-72500 and ask for the Environmental officer on Duty.   Please also inform the ESG of your reports as you make them.
    • Finally, we shall be issuing a press release shortly on the Public Health Conference which took place last weekend in Algeciras.  It is always extremely beneficial to listen to Professor Benach share his views and understanding on matters of public health, especially of his concerns about the state of health of communities in the Spanish bay towns. Mr Benach has begun assessing our own Epid Study and we now await a full report which we know will bring his global expertise to better understanding our own problems and needs more fully.


    We look ahead to our next broadcast where we shall share some more news on our environment.   Thanks for listening.