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    ESG Press Release 30th September 2010

    The ESG would like to react to news that the Gibraltar Government has settled the question of a judicial review by Clifftop residents against the new Power Station Project in Lathbury area.

    Our group has campaigned for several years now over the need for action on the existing highly polluting power stations in Gibraltar and the legal move by Clifftop, which resulted in further considerable delays to the replacement plant ,was seen as a serious setback.

    It is fairly well known that the pollution from existing plants is regarded as illegal both in terms of air and noise emission levels. Their combined impact is significant and affects a large number of local residents and has done for years. Yet, after extensive lobbying, Ombudsman investigation, petitions and even legal attempts by local residents, the Gibraltar Government licensed these stations above and beyond what they can safely produce with the promise that they would be shut down and a replacement station, fully compliant with all environmental and health requirements, built with minimal delay.
    Delays were evident, even before the Clifftop Review and this has caused no end of frustration to the ESG and for many residents.
    So, yes, we welcome the fact that this setback is now sorted out but regret the influence that money has clearly had on Govt action on Environmental matters, something that public pressure from ordinary people has failed to achieve. It is also shameful that Clifftop, which should never have been built there, should get assurances and their legal costs paid by the taxpayer, whilst thousands of Gibraltar residents have had to continue to endure years of pollution levels (noise and emissions) without government being concerned in the slightest.
    So, now, please Government- get the station built!