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  • Post Oil Clean Up- ESG Concerns 11.04.23

    “The ESG was very concerned to see the oil spill from OS35 hit our shores last week. Conditions made it difficult to gauge the scale of the problem.

     However the number of cleaning teams involved from the early stages ensured the worst of the oil was removed quite quickly and was prevented from being washed back out to sea. 

    The ESG also monitored the oil afflicted areas in efforts to support the clean up underway and thanks the Dept of the Environment for frequent updates of the progress made as well as its own standby team of volunteers.

    The group will wait for an official assessment of the overall damage to our coastline, as calmer weather will permit a more thorough inspection to be carried out.

    The Gibraltar coastline is very much part of our social fabric as well as a natural environment and is clearly ecologically important as well as a matter of public interest. 

    The group remains concerned that further oil spills could occur and sincerely hopes that every effort is made for the removal of the wreck  before any more is released.”

    See following article by Gibraltar Chronicle: