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  • No to Eastside Bunkering – Both Worlds (Retirement) Management Co. Ltd Statement

    22 May 2011


    1. We applaud all initiatives which contribute to the prosperity of Gibraltar but believe that short term developments must be viewed not only in terms of commercial gain but also in terms of long term expense:
    1.1. To the environment
    1.2. To the people who live in the vicinity
    1.3. To all the people of Gibraltar

    2. We are concerned that no environmental impact study has been undertaken. An in-depth study should be undertaken and the results made public.

    3. We are concerned that the number of vessels anchoring on the East Side will increase and will destroy the natural seabed environment with loss of flora and fauna.

    4. We are concerned that there is a very real risk of a major oil spill which could ruin our beach and the adjacent coastline for years to come. This area is of prime recreational value for the whole Gibraltar community and must not be exposed to these dangers.

    5. We are concerned that minor oil spills will accumulate and in the end be just as destructive as one major spill.

    6. We are concerned that an additional number of vessels will also produce vastly more quantities of sulphur in our air as ships’ fuel is renowned to be of low quality and thus produces excessive atmospheric pollution.

    7. We are concerned that the proposal will expose us to pungent odours when the wind direction is from south to south westerly.

    8. We are concerned that the increased air pollution will effect the residents of our retirement home. Older people, like young children, are very susceptible to asthma, allergic reactions and bronchial infections.

    9. We are concerned that there is no comprehensive long-term strategic plan for the development of Gibraltar in general and for the East Side in particular.

    Patricia Hayward – Director Roy Smith – Director