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  • NEWS ALERT CUTW 2014 11/09/14

             NEWS ALERT CUTW 11th September 2014

    2014 Campaign

    The global Clean up the World takes place on the 20th September and will see millions of people in over a hundred countries taking action on this same weekend. From replanting, to clearing of vital waterways, to picking up rubbish, the scale of the campaign means that the impact is global while clearly inspiring at a local level. It will be the 22nd year of the global campaign, while, here in Gibraltar, 2014 is the tenth year of local action organised by the ESG.

    Things are now rolling for our clean up this year. Team and site details were finalised at Tuesdays’ well-attended meeting. There will be a total of 30 teams with support coming from further entities. Twenty areas have been identified.

    With our clean up teams tackling: green, seafront and upper rock sites, underwater and boat access only areas, the local environment will see direct benefit and awareness will be raised about litter problems and the need to implement further solutions.

    CUTW 2014 will also see:

    • Volunteers will carry out work on the vegetation along Europa Advance Road providing support for the World Heritage project
    • A CUTW Exhibition at the Main Guard at John Mackintosh Square from the 18th to the 29th of September

    (displays from schools, ESG, I-CARE, Gibraltar Heritage Trust, RAF fod Campaign, and more)

    • International campaigner Xavier Van de Stappen, director of I-CARE in Gibraltar between 17th-22nd September. Xavier’s great work will feature in a number of public displays during the week with his electric cars and mobile exhibition. Watch out for Xavier and his team in Casemates on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th September. Workshops and school visits are also in his itinerary. His films will be on show at the Main Guard
    • The addition of an RAF “fod campaign” will also form part of the awareness promoted by CUTW in 2014. Foreign Object Debris (litter of every type) is a daily challenge to airport safety. It is vital to promote the need for greater care by all
    • Plans are underway for a “green car rally”, to include electric and hybrid vehicles, on Sunday 21st as from 10.00am, departing midday from Casemates– we are putting out a call for interested participants and numbers will determine if this goes ahead- to be confirmed on the Saturday Parade (contact 54960000 if you are interested to take part for more details)

    The Clean up Parade on Saturday the 20th launching the campaign gathers at Casemates as from 10am and departs at 11am on its journey to John Mackintosh Square where displays and information will be set up. CUTW organisers and the Minister for the Environment will briefly address those gathered and this year will also be joined by Xavier Van de Stappen: international campaigner for green transport and sustainability. We encourage everyone to come along and support this event.