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    June will see every household and business in Gibraltar receive a leaflet produced by the ESG in collaboration with the Litter Committee, distributed by AquaGib and supported by the Ministry for the Environment.As a long-term Clean up the World initiative we are delighted to see this take place and thank everyone who has helped make this happen. A Gibraltar wide distribution of a “Litter Leaflet” with information on where to correctly dispose of your special waste is currently taking place with the help of AquaGib. June’s electricity and water bills will also contain very useful and practical information on what to do with your rubbish.

    “This has been a long-term aim of ours, something we have called for since we first carried out Clean up the World locally,” says Janet Howitt of the ESG. The group has listed this information in the local telephone directory but believes that by every single person in Gibraltar physically receiving a copy of the leaflet will increase the number of people using the facilities more efficiently. As well as providing names and addresses of waste facilities, the leaflet carries opening hours and types of waste. It is hoped that fly tipping and careless dumping and littering will also be reduced with this latest measure”.


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    Take note: Clean up the World 2013 on 21st September

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