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    ESG Press Release On Western Beach

    8th August 2013

    Given the high levels of pollution which caused the police to close Western Beach on Tuesday afternoon the ESG believes that the Government has to seriously consider keeping it closed until such time as the contamination problem is finally resolved.
    The delays in sample results alone mean that people are swimming in potentially heavily contaminated water without knowing.
    Government should explore the possible use of a “real time “sampling method that can at least confirm the presence of numerous bacteria with the sophisticated interpretation of the sample being finalised a day or so later.
    The ESG further believes that Government should be discouraging bathing at this extremely unpredictable beach, with its recurrent bouts of heavy pollution, instead of actively encouraging its use by introducing the aqua-park feature.
    Finally, the ESG stands by previous statements it has made public on this issue especially the fact that the beach is prone to bouts of sewage contamination and presents a serious risk to public health. The group continues to believe that the account given by the family suffering an infection understood by them to have been contracted at Western Beach is genuine and raises significant issues that need to be addressed by the authorities.

    See :- http://www.environmental-agency.gi/beachresult.php?beachid=6