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  • Joint Climate Strike Press Release from the ESG and The Nautilus Project 29.05.19

    Since the announcement of a Global ‘Parents’ for Future” Climate strike was made the ESG and The Nautilus Project have met up to discuss the coordination of a supporting action here in Gibraltar. They have issued the following joint statement:

    The ESG and The Nautilus Project will be coordinating a Climate Change Strike on the 20th September 2019, in support of the global protest “Parents For Future”. The strike will add Gibraltar’s participation to the worldwide initiative, which currently has 34 groups from 16 countries across 4 continents.

    Organisers are presently talking to other NGOs and groups to galvanise support for the 20th September Strike. Details for the march will be published shortly. This action is additional to the important marches held so far by students under the “#GIBSCHOOLSTRIKE4CLIMATE” banner.

    A petition will soon be launched which will be presented to Government at the end of the march detailing issues which need to be urgently tackled, if the Climate Emergency Pledge is to be honoured.

    The petition will be run online as well as via a number of signature gathering days over the summer and volunteers for this will be very welcome.

    The ESG and The Nautilus Project believe it is time for everyone to participate in the biggest challenge facing humanity today and calls for public support.


    Both NGOs will support all other peaceful protests held locally calling for action on climate change.