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    ESG Press Release 170812

    Shocking levels of pollution by OESCO

    Oesco Power Station August 2012

    The major pollution occurrence from the Oesco power station on Thursday morning, although significant because it was particularly dense and encompassing, was just another example of something that is happening very frequently, from Oesco and from the ex-MoD power station. The usual excuse being that it occurs at start-up after the correction of a minor fault. Well, the reality is that these faults – minor or otherwise – will continue with increasing regularity because these stations are well past their replacement date and 9 months after this Government has come into office, we are still waiting for notification and implementation of their replacement programme. How much longer are residents, some of them living very close to these emission outlets, expected to tolerate this degraded and harmful environment?

    The GoG is concerned about making the right assessment for the next power generation programme but the community has waited long enough for this, both from the GSLP and from the GSD offices. The ESG therefore urges this government to make up its mind and to announce and implement the power station replacement programme now.