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    Click on link below for an article interviewing Fukushima nuclear expert giving a somewhat “fuller” account of what is happening at the Fukushima plant and what will continue to happen because of it for many years to come. Usual news channels are not reporting this information- perhaps due to vested interests and major lobbying groups such as the nuclear industry itself. Whatever the reasons and however difficult it may be to read news of this type, it is very important that as many people read the truth about what is happening and forward the article on.

    The time for major investment in renewable energy is NOW. It can provide much needed jobs, promote community stability and secure a cleaner and healthier environment for our future-

    The alternatives of nuclear as the energy of choice to meet todays “business as usual” demand could lead to more nuclear hotspots around the world such as 3 mile island, Chernobyl and now Fukushima.
    This is an immoral choice that we have no right to make.