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  • ESG’s Radio Newsletter June 2013

    o Well, we now have the publication of the Fishing Report. From an environmental point of view it is unsurprising that the experts require more time and more data before recommending any new regulations be put in place. The marine environment knows no borders and this will not be an easy task to perform. Full transparency and access to information will hopefully influence public opinion and subsequent policy implementation

    o Looking around the Bay – and relevant to the region is an annual report just released by a Spanish NGO awarding black flags to 16 locations with dangerous environmental practices in the Cadiz region. You can find more details at 20minutos.es and search for banderas negras. Issues such as industrial chemical discharge and air pollution from nearby, petrochemical installations, to major urbanisation works planned in protected areas such as Valdevaqueros and the entire Tarifa area have earned this award. Bunkering practices in the Alboran Sea, another protected EU area, is also highlighted among several others. Occurring as these are within a desperately failing economy means that environmental monitoring and controls will be much harder to implement. We welcome the efforts by the NGO to nevertheless promote awareness of these serious issues

    o Closer to home and Gibraltar sees another energised celebration of World Environment Day where the children tell the rest of us how we should be looking after our planet. This event has gone from strength to strength –well done to all involved! We hope the long anticipated publication of Gibraltar’s own Environmental Action and Management Plan will also see the light of day with our own plan to tackle our environmental issues and impacts

    o Concerns have been raised about the mounting piles of household waste at the Public Waste site. We understand this was linked to paperwork issues which are now resolved and normal operations will resume

    o Moving on to the next Development and Planning Commission meeting in Gibraltar –taking place next Friday, 14th at 9.00am at the John Mackintosh Hall. Agenda should be posted on the Town Planning website as from tomorrow

    o The Flotel is another current issue with concerns about reclamation for a car park area. We are hopeful that while significant works are ongoing at the Ocean Village site that the authorities achieve a rethink of existing plans of reclamation and preserve the water feature – and that this will be announced soon.

    o We would like to remind listeners to be careful about using Western Beach. Visit environmental-agency.gi for monitoring data that will confirm the safety of the water quality for bathing for you and your family. Up until a few days ago, the EA was still picking up sewage contamination in the waters at Western. Even in previous years the waters have usually cleaned up by April, not so this time and so diligence is called for. If the samples continue to register pollution it is our view that Government should close the beach

    o Remember to watch Channel 5, on the 11th June at 9pm local time for the first of a series of programmes on Gibraltar, and when CUTW day 2012 will feature! See esg-gib.net for more info
    Thanks for listening!