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  • ESG’s CUTW 2011 Film – Great reviews…

    Don’t miss seeing our film on the Gibraltar wide clean up which we organise each year. Click on the link below for an online version of the ESG’s first commissioned film based on our participation in the global “Clean up the World Campaign”. This campaign originated in Australia 20 years ago and has now spread to over 100 countries!

    See Gibraltar like you have never seen it before…!

    “Our Place, Our Planet, Our Responsibility


    Direction & Cinematography Pedro Mesquita

    Executive Producer Janet Howitt ESG

    Pedro Mesquita
    Jonathan Scott

    Jonathan Scott
    Janet Howitt
    Pedro Mesquita

    Original Sound Track João Bernardo

    Editing Filipe Ferreira

    Voice Over Jonathan Scott

    Motion Graphics David Gabriel

    Additional footage/archive Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation