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  • ESG welcomes Traffic Plan for Gibraltar Feb 2015

    ESG Press Release

    ESG welcomes the Draft Sustainable Traffic, Transport and Parking Plan

    (STTPP) – February 9th 2015




    The ESG welcomes the release of the long awaited Traffic and Transport Plan (STTPP) and supports many of its recommendations.


    Many of our seemingly intangible transport problems have been detailed with measures proposed, that, if implemented, could begin to change the tide of conventional transport options towards healthier and more environmental choices. Of course, as well as improving air quality and noise levels on our streets, reducing unessential car use is also good for the planet and our purse.


    The report identifies hotspots that can be tackled today, and others, that await further infrastructural changes before these can be addressed. Clearly residential areas throughout Gibraltar need to be supplied with adequate parking. Liberating our main roads and networks of 24 hour parking however, will bring space and safety to many areas.


    Therefore, for these, and many other reasons, the ESG congratulates Government for a well thought out report, which already contains considerable community feedback, via the survey and workshops undertaken. In order for this report to have credibility, it is now necessary for the Government to launch a timeframe, which will set out the deadlines to meet achievable targets.


    While welcoming this period of further public feedback the ESG trusts that Government will then take the right steps outlined in this plan to bring about a sustainable traffic, transport and parking plan for Gibraltar without further delays.