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  • ESG welcomes Renewable Energy Feedback to Grid 12/12/17

    The ESG strongly welcomes the excellent news that consumers of the Gibraltar Electricity Authority will soon be able to feed electricity generated at home from renewable sources, back into the grid.


    This objective has been a long-term aim of the group who regard this announcement by Government as very positive indeed.


    The group now awaits confirmation of the amendment to the bill once it has gone through Parliament and will also be seeking a discussion with Government on what protocols, systems and equipment will be favoured or promoted for the public to follow and use to feed back energy to the grid as this information will assist the community in taking the first important steps in setting up green energy at home. The success of this programme will help reduce some of Gibraltar’s carbon emissions and is therefore good news indeed.


    The ESG further hopes that financial incentives will be offered to help more people embark on setting up renewable energy systems in the home or workplace.