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  • ESG welcomes ex Friends of the Earth Juniper’s comments on Fossil Fuel Trade 13.06.23

    It was an important moment for the ESG to meet with Tony Juniper at the Aspire Conference, a major trailblazer for the environment for decades, and an inspiration for action.

    In his Chronicle interview it was heartening to hear his recommendations to Gibraltar as to the need to diversify from our trade in fossil fuels for bunkering of ships and other vehicle fuel sales. This trade accounts for approximately 90% of our overall GHG emissions total.

    This is a big issue for the group that has campaigned for years to see this major greenhouse house contributor feature far more prominently on our climate target aspirations.

    “Overall, his reflections and comments were spot on”, says a spokesperson for the ESG,  “and we hope he will continue to visit Gibraltar and hopefully see us rise to the challenges laid before us.”