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  • ESG supports Campo protest in San Roque 16.07.19



    Last Friday the ESG joined environmental groups and various associations on a Verdemar organised protest in the town of San Roque. The protest was in direct response to the fire incident at the Indorama Plastics factory on the 25th June 2019. There was a very high turnout, with thousands quoted by different entities. It was clear this industrial accident had caused widespread concern among local and bay residents.


    The strength of feeling came across in the many placards held high and slogans chanted by protesters. The protesters made their way to a large square where a stage was set and a number of speakers addressed the people.


    Speakers highlighted the failure from authorities and industry to provide prompt information and emergency advice to surrounding residents during the blaze. The downplaying of the dangers that followed regarding the toxicity of the thick smoke also angered protesters.


    Strong and moving statements were made and finally a pledge to call on everyone present to support sustained action calling for the authorities to regulate industry, carry out robust health studies and importantly to support a moratorium on further growth of chemical industry in the Bay. The need for Action on Climate Change and a call to see a move away from fossil fuel industry was also raised.


    The ESG has worked on these issues over the years and fully supports these aims.