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  • ESG Supports Ban on Plastic Bag Petition 04/11/16

    ESG supports “ban on plastic bags” Petition

    The ESG supports the recently launched online petition calling on the Gibraltar Government to ban the use of plastic bags. This would help reduce their presence in marine ecosystems and is therefore a very positive step.

    The ESG has campaigned for a litter free Gibraltar for over 12 years condemning the senseless and continued presence of harmful waste in our green and coastal areas.

    The Clean up the World Campaign, very much a flagship project of the group, engages hundreds of volunteers each year, to clean up littered sites, spreading awareness and reversing some of the damage caused by litter build up in various hotspots around the Rock.

    The now familiar, “Mountain of Rubbish,” produced from this years efforts, highlights ongoing, deep rooted issues in our community that must be tackled, and our work continues to see this happen.

    The current petition on plastic bags resonates strongly with the aims of our Clean up Campaign and we hope the ban will be introduced soon.