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  • ESG regards AEA news as positive but results needed


    ESG welcomes AEA Expertise

    The ESG welcomes the expertise AEA will bring to managing Gibraltar’s environment via the expansion programme planned by the Environmental Agency. But we are also concerned at how Gibraltar, along with other European countries, is failing to meet important EU targets on certain harmful pollutants within the necessary timeframes.  Neither are we or various other European member states meeting renewable energy targets as directed by EU resulting in extension of timeframes. 


    The ESG would like to see the AEA guide us to enhanced environmental performance levels which will significantly improve our air quality and use of green technologies within a short space of time- and not produce complex reports which could buy authorities more time. The group also hopes that specific carcinogens-not currently measured and identified in the Epidemiological Report for Gibraltar – will be included in the stated expansion programme of air pollution measurement on the Rock.


    By virtue of Government’s previous pronouncements, its Environmental Charter and EAMP, it is expected that the work of AEA will result in Government and industry alike promptly and fully implementing its recommendations. Government is therefore asked to confirm its commitment and provide the earliest proposed measures and timescale based on the earlier work which, according to AEA, has been done with Government.