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  • ESG reacts to Town Cycle Lanes 30th July 2018

    The ESG considers that there are two main issues regarding the introduction of cycle lanes in Main Street and Irish Town:


         1. Whether the initiative can be introduced effectively and safely without causing problems for pedestrians;

    1. Whether the initiative will actually have any impact on the reduction of traffic.


    The ESG considers that the initiative to open up cycle lanes on Main Street and Irish Town, at prescribed times, will be a welcome step to those who choose the bicycle, rather than a car or motorbike, to get around our heavily congested city. If more people decide to cycle as a result of this concession, it will be a positive thing. Having said this, the ESG has some serious reservations as to the practical applications of this initiative, given how busy both these streets can be, even after 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays and 7pm on weekdays. It is also concerned that some cyclists may not respect the set times.


    If these cycle lanes are going to be successfully integrated into our way of circulating, the ESG considers it essential for the police to monitor the system and protocols set and ensure that demarcated spaces are respected by cyclists and pedestrians alike, during the prescribed times. In many cities in the world, pedestrians and cyclists manage to co-exist respectfully. There is no reason why we cannot learn to do the same. However, in Gibraltar we have less space to work with than in most places so in order to avoid accidents we need to get it right from the start.


    On the second point, the ESG considers that In order to have a significant impact on reducing car use, which is what is desperately needed in our polluted city, there would need to be dedicated cycle lanes on roads also. This is the only measure that could actually get more people to opt for cycling.