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  • ESG Radio Newsletter Thursday 3rd March


    Hi, today is a full on environmental action and promotion day! We start the day off by meeting a journalist from El Pais, one of Spain’s leading national newspapers, to discuss environmental issues affecting the Bay. We shall, as always, strive to present an accurate and balanced picture of regional problems on both sides of the border. If the article is published we shall inform the community – it’s a chance to promote clear and accurate information of the bays real environmental issues out in the Spanish mainland and we won’t miss this opportunity. 

    After this we shall be holding an information stall outside the Cathedral in support of the “No! To Sewage at sea!” Campaign, regarding ongoing contamination and closure of Western Beach. We shall be issuing information that today, our MEP Graham Watson will be taking action on our behalf in Brussels presenting both the close to three thousand signature petition to the European Petitions Committee and the Official Complaint prepared by the ESG to the Directorate DG at the Commission itself. Both submissions are demanding urgent action and a resolution to this problem. We thank Mr Watson for his efforts and wish him luck in getting a meaningful outcome in Brussels; we certainly know that won’t be easy! Incidentally, the petition continues and if you haven’t yet signed you have another chance today so please come along, between 1pm and 2.30pm outside the Cathedral of St Mary the Crowned where we shall be very pleased to see you.

    Moving on, and this evening sees a Viewpoint Programme discussing the environmental impact and viability of the new Gibraltar airport. Should be an interesting debate with the panel discussing Airline, Tourism, Business and Environmental issues. Do watch the programme, or better still, why not phone in with your point of view- after all these programmes are designed to inform and involve the public.

    We would like to end this broadcast with a reference to the news in the Spanish press about a week ago that the Gibraltar govt had already decided Eastside Bunkering was to go ahead. Whether the Spanish press are accurately reporting on the story or not, this theory is more than substantiated in the little circulated new Port Handbook which carries various references to expanding business, and business opportunity in the east side. Another detailed reference to this expansion can be found in a highly detailed profile article on Gibraltar in the UK’s Guardian in January of this year, which shone a spotlight on the many economic pillars on the rock and bunkering was deemed a major and growing earner.  With the EIA not even completed on the proposed east side bunkering, and government and industry appearing to be moving full speed ahead in touting for extra business, it will be difficult to put the brakes on this business, but we surely intend to try.

    As for the reasons why? Well, you can read about this in some detail in an in depth interview we gave Panorama which will be published tomorrow –Friday.

    As usual, please visit our website for more news on these stories and other issues concerning the environment: on esg-gib.net

    I frequently meet people who have caught the odd ESG broadcast here and there and who would like to catch up on all the news stories we promote- if you are one such person and are catching us by chance today, by visiting our website you can download a members form and once registered,  will receive copies of all broadcasts and press statements  as they are released ensuring that you are kept as up to date as possible on all the local environmental issues the ESG considers are of utmost importance to the community. Don’t forget, check it out today, on esg-gib.net.   All for now, and thanks for listening-